February 8, 2021

Edgware, London

Working From Home, Utilising the Space as Office! [Case Study]

Everyone is now doing a bit of work from home, some more than the others, 2020 and this year, we had seen many enquiries about utilising the space for work. Many asked us for ideas, many had their own thoughts and plans, what all wanted is a dedicated work space, enabling them to enjoy the work as work!

Edgware is home to many city workers due to its closeness to City and the exceptional lush greenery. With the limited space in the living room, we are asked about creating a dynamic living room which can be converted as a work space and office while not using as living room. Living Room was of modest size, on three sides they had fittings and cabinets, the fourth wall was a separation wall, we used the space to build a unit which was functional for their storage while enhancing the show case options for their collections and artefacts. Working with specific needs require the taste of clients to embed into the functionality of the bespoke fittings. At Innovative we made a double shaded storage unit combining their storage needs with showcase functionality, result was exceptional..

If you would like Innovative Designs to visit you and show how the space can be converted, Book a Free Design Visit or drop us a message. Innovative Designs got the solution to carve a niche design to suit your needs.