Made to Measure Fitted Wardrobes in Islington

Every customer we’ve worked with in our years of designing bespoke fitted wardrobes in South London has always been delighted with the finished project. Our design team has created a range of fitted wardrobes for the interiors of Islington homes, making the most of every square inch of space available to them.

Fitted Wardrobes Can Help You Design Your Dream Bedroom

You’ve made an excellent decision by considering fitted wardrobe furniture. Fitted wardrobes in Islington are a fashionable solution to increase storage space in your bedroom. They provide several times more room than normal closets, are exact, and come in a variety of sizes and finishes to fit any area.

Fitted Wardrobes in a Variety of Styles for Every Space

Luxury walk in wardrobes designs – If you’re thinking about updating your bedroom wardrobes in London, Innovative Designs will provide you with a wide selection that reflects your own preferences. To make the most of your space, a walk-in closet may well be designed in a number of different ways.  Our most recent designs are the ultimate of luxury living, complete with walk-in closets.

Sliding wardrobesSliding Wardrobes are designed in an excellent method to reduce space while also providing attractive storage to your bedroom.  Sliding wardrobes may be built in a variety of forms that are attractive, bold, and functional. Our sliding wardrobes have a streamlined channel for easy opening and closing, and contemporary sliding rims.

Fitted living room furniture – The simple but vintage atmosphere that establishes the tone of the room is always required for modern luxury. It might be a dynamic mix of style and glamour. We deliver the best that complements your creative ideas and displays your personality. Depending on the material, our prices range from £1,200 per linear metre

Different Kind of Wardrobes for Your Home: Colours, Doors, & Design Finishes

 It is essential that your new wardrobe blends nicely with the rest of your home. The wardrobe should have a pleasant look, a decent colour, and be made of high-quality materials. Allow your lifestyle to dictate your attire choices.

Bespoke bedroom furniture is designed to complement your surroundings and make the best use of your available space. During their visit, designers can assess the space and come up with choices that meet your wants and expectations.

Built in Luxury Wardrobes Specialist in London

Fitted wardrobes made to measure, gives the perfect fit. Based on the measurements you specify, we will then custom-made your bedroom wardrobe. Our fitted wardrobe kits include custom doors, soft closures, matching tracks, and liners. This is a complete set for a comprehensive wardrobe solution.

Additional features to the made-to-measure doors are optional, allowing you to tailor your kit to your specific demands and budget. This is because it not only improves or detracts from the aesthetics of your home, but also performs a useful role in your daily life.

If you haven’t already, look through our product section for your one-of-a-kind bespoke wardrobes in London. Take a look at the locations we now service.

Allow us to assist you in finding the ideal fitted wardrobe in London. Contact us, today!